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Induction Process

Induction Process

As with most Greek-letter organizations, in order to gain membership into our brotherhood, our pledges must successfully complete the Fraternity’s induction process. Although much of the ritual is confidential, the Lambda initiation consists of many components. To mention a few, during this period, the prospective brother learns more in depth about the Latino culture and about our Fraternity’s history. Our initiates perform community service and participate in other types of educational and cultural programs. Our Conquistadores learn the art of “saluting”, as the Lambdas do not “step.” Finally, the induction process serves as the conduit to establish those fraternal bonds, which makes us a brotherhood.

Equally important to the above, during the induction process at the undergraduate level, our pledges are required to attend the library on a daily basis for a designated number of hours. After all, the primary purpose in being in college is to obtain an education and graduate.

Throughout the process, the Lambda pledge is referred to as a Conquistador. The term was selected in anticipation of the Fraternity’s first pledge line in the spring of 1978. In spite of the Conquistador’s place in history, the term was selected due to the literal meaning of the term: one who conquers; one who overcomes; one who triumphs.

The Lambda induction process is designed to not only educate but empower our brothers. Our initiation is not just the roadmap to the land of Brown and White. The Lambda Theta Phi induction process marks the beginning of a lifelong journey. A journey with clearly defined markers: Education – Brotherhood – Leadership – Latino Unity – Service.