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Latino Greek Movement

It is a fact that in 1975, when Lambda Theta Phi was founded, there were no Latino fraternities or Latina sororities in existence in the United States. Lambda Theta Phi originated the concept of embracing the ideals of brotherhood, Latino unity, cultural awareness, and community service within the Greek-letter fraternity, all for the progress and empowerment of our people.

Since the inception of Lambda, the Greek community has witnessed the emergence of many Latino fraternities and sororities. In fact, by 2005, three decades after the establishment of Lambda, there were approximately 13 Latino fraternities and 29 Latina sororities in the United States. Many of these Latino-based, Greek-letter organizations adhere to ideals similar to those of Lambda Theta Phi – a concept originated by fourteen young, Latinos back in 1975. Who were these visionaries with a dream? Who were these leaders who would forever change the face of the Greek system?
The Founding Fathers of Lambda Theta Phi.

Our brotherhood welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with our fellow Latino Greeks on initiatives for our educational advancement, for our professional development and, most importantly, for the betterment of our community.

“En la unión está la fuerza.”