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Rules & Regulations

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  1. The team captains are entirely responsible to make sure that their players fully understand tournament rules and regulations. All captains are responsible for having proof of brotherhood and originating chapter for each player on the team.


See Attached Bracket  for Seeding and Flow 10 Team Maximum Tournament


  1. Chapter Teams shall be created and identified by a Lambda Theta Phi California undergraduate chapter. Teams allowed to enter are Alpha Delta, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Iota, Beta Alpha, Beta Kappa, Gamma Delta, Gamma Eta, Alpha Lambda, Alpha Omega, Beta Zeta, Beta Lambda, Beta Omicron, Beta Upsilon, Beta Chi, Beta Omega, Gamma Zeta, Gamma Tau and Delta Gamma
  2. Each players on the roster must have pledged and crossed at the respective Chapter Team.
  3. Chapters with fewer than 4 brothers on campus may merge with another chapter(s) closest to them. The Chapter Team Name will be identified by chapter with the larger number of players. Alumni a. Chapter Alumni may create a team comprised of the same chapters Alumni. for example AZ Alumni Chapter Team b. Alumni from chapters outside of California may enter if they belong to an Alumni Chapter in California. c. Alumni Chapters may not merge with Undergraduate Chapters from different schools.
  4. Brothers that attended a school as a Graduate Student may join that team with the approval of their undergraduate chapter.
  5. No chapters outside of California can enter a team.
  6. Team Rosters must be submitted in FULL by mail, paypal/credit card (additional charges apply) or in person along with full payment 20 days prior to the tournament. No late submissions will be accepted.
  7.  Rosters must be approved by Tournament staff prior to the first game.
  8. 16 players maximum per team. 5 players per team on the court.
  9. All players shall play for only one team throughout the tournament.
  10. All jewelry must be removed. Necklaces, earrings and watches cannot be worn during the game. Basketball shoes must be worn at all times.
  11. Each player must wear a jersey or shirt and must have the same color.


There will be no Draft in 2018


No non-area teams will be allowed to enter a team. See rule 3b in the TEAM ROSTERS>ALUMNI for more information.


  1. Chapters with fewer than 4 brothers on campus may merge with another chapter(s) closest to them with fewer than 4 brothers on campus.