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Playing Rules

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  1. Game clock will consist of two 17 minute halves, 30 second shot clock and a 5 minute halftime.
  2. The clock will stop for fouls and violations only within the last TWO minutes of the SECOND half if the score is within 10 points.
  3. 3 minute overtime in the case of a tie at the end of regulation.
  4. No “Slam Dunking”
  5. Grace Period: A five minute grace period will be allowed for if any given team is unable to have four players on the court. The team ready and waiting will begin accumulating one points per minute up to eight minutes. If at this point a team does not have four players to start, a forfeit will be declared.



  1. 7 Team Foul limit – 1 and 1 free throw
  2. 10 Team Foul limit – 2 free throws
  3. 5 Personal Fouls per player – Ejection from game



  1. Technical Fouls will be given to any player/team for behavior.
  2. 2 Technical Fouls will result in ejection from the game.
  3. The referee has the option to eject any player that, after being warned of behavior, excessively argues a call and/or delays the game from continuing, even if no Technical Foul is issued prior.
  4. 4 Technical Fouls through out tournament will result in ejection from tournament.



  1. Two 30-second timeouts per half per team.
  2. In case of overtime, 1 extra time out will be given.



  1. 3-point line will be utilized in all games.



  1. Free throws will be awarded to a player who is fouled while attempting to shoot.